Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. We have been ever so busy with the PARISBEBE launch, and my new "ADVENTURE". My sweet friend Timi of CINNAMON GIRL STUDIO has been working so hard on creating a website for my business. YOU HAVE TO COME CHECK IT OUT, she did an amazing job! It is so much more than I ever imagined! It is bare, but it is LIVE!!! Keep checking as I will be adding new things to the store frequently.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Who would have ever thought Miss Kylie would have been offended over a mani?! Well, part of the Natural light studio brings a mani, right?

Kylie: We're getting a mani in the mail!
Mommy: Yes and when she arrives, I'll put her together.
Kylie: Well can I play with her?
Mommy: Uh, no baby.. she is for mommy to put customs on and photograph.
Kylie: WHAT??? I thought I was YOUR MODEL and took pictures?
Mommy: You are baby, but sometimes I will need to use the mannequin.
Kylie: But will she get a movie for every two sets?

OMWord, she's killing me! ROFLMBO Kylie gets a movie for every two sets she models so I guess she feels like she is going to get gyped!

Miss Kim, this is your sweeties set that will be mailed out tomorrow. It fits perfectly on my 2/3 mani! Hope you are most pleased!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Part Two: Natural Light Studio

Ok, so it STILL is not finished! I can't believe how much river rock this thing is needing! ROFLMBO Ok, so I got really excited this weekend and was more interested in taking some pictures than finishing up the studio.

Wednesday, the wroght iron table and chairs will be in and I suppose at that point I could go pick up the final 10 bags of river rock and the old wooden window!

Take a peek... These are two resells I'm going to be listing on Tuesday that was taken in my half finished Outdoor, Natural Light Studio!

Friday, February 1, 2008

OUTDOOR Natural light STUDIO

I am so excited to share with you all my latest adventure! Like I need another one! LOL Oh, but I really do! To photograph Kylie in a nice setting, I have to DRIVE. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to get somewhere, 30 minutes to an hour to photograph, then another 30 minutes to get home. Time is of the essence for me, so I came up with the idea to create my own outdoor, natural light studio!

I will share the progress; we are anticipating it to be completed by this weekend, with the exception of a little girl’s wrought iron table and chairs! Those will come next week! THANKS JESS! I am so excited!!! You’re a true friend!

Getting the supplies was, may I say, nothing short of an experience! I worked all night, and just HAD to go to good ole HOME DEPOT because this just couldn't possibly wait! ROFLMBO LOWE'S my favorite, (GO JIMMIE JOHNSON) was just too far to try to go to, and I needed this trip to be quick! ROFLMBO again, it was by no stretch of the imagination a QUICK trip! Allow me a small gripe here, THE GUY WHO LOADED MY FENCE WAS A COMPLETE MOORAN! Ok, sorry... it was totally my fault, I should have had enough common sense to know that you can't haul 3 pieces of fencing in the back of a pick up truck and not have it tied down! So, I pull out of the store and immediately thought, what are you doing, you know this is going to fall! I am in the highway; 55 mph zone doing 20 mph and get to the first traffic light... I need to make a U turn. NOT!!! oK, so the fence slides and I am like oh LORD, please just help me here, keep the fence on, let me get off the side of the road and then I will fix it! I don't want anyone to get hurt! Well, once again, our wonderful LORD kept his hands on me, we made it off the road, fence still in tow! Now in complete shock, I am so stinkin tired and thinking what am I going to do? I called my husband in a complete panic screaming about the dingdong that loaded the fence. He is like calm down; you know you can just tie it up! Tie it up? Well isn't that just a marvelous idea! ROFLMBO I get into the tool box, and tied it up with some parachute cord, that stuff is strong, right? I can tie a knot, right? After all, I work for the fire department! LOLOLOLOL Sorry, a little humor to try to not feel like a COMPLETE IDIOT!!!!

Our 30 minute trip to get home ends up taking over an hour. I refused to drive over 30mph. We did make it home safely with all parts in tact!

Here is a rough picture before my hubby set the fence.... We just had to get started! I will take more pictures this evening! This area consists of three 6X8 sections of fence that was painted by my ever so giving husband, and 2 daughters! Thanks girls, you are the best! The smallest area is 8 feet wide and the largest area is 14 feet wide. It will give me 4 different areas to photograph in!