Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of great celebration with the family. It's a time to give thanks for everything we have, literally. Even for those who aren't religious and even for people who don't have a big family, it's hard not to connect with the sentimentality of the season. This is one holiday where there are actually no gifts required, but just YOU showing up to share time with loved ones.

It is my hope that you each had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the ones you love.

After dinner, we decided to take some pictures in hopes of getting just the right "best smile" photograph for one of Kylie's competitions in January.

Here's a few...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The commercial has aired!

I am guessing that Italiano Insurance loved the commercial so much that they just couldn't wait until January to put it live! LOL We're happy they did... Take a peek, we couldn't be more thrilled!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some more exciting news to share!

Blogger slacker here and with good reason!

First thank you to EVERYONE who bought books to help sponsor Kylie! Bless each and everyone of you! This was a good lesson for Kylie to learn she will have to work and help earn her way for the things she wants in life. Everything will not be handed out on a platter!

The BIG NEWS..... Kylie booked and filmed her first commercial! *Giggles* Aunt Becki, we know you will want all the details, so we will email them to you, way to much to post here!

Kylie did a commercial for an insurance company that is having it's 50th birthday! It is to air in January. What a thrill this was for Kylie and mommy both. I have to say, it was not what I expected! I was expecting a big hoopla, and it totally wasn't that at all! It was totally laid back and really cool. Kylie was not done entertaining to say the least when the shoot was over! Ha, ha, she was ready to film more! What a hambone.

Here are a couple of pictures. The director was so kind to let me snap a few. The pictures are off a bit as I couldn't get to where I needed to be due to all the equipment, but I was just thrilled to pieces to get what I got!