Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the winner IS.......


DH said he was building it for me for this very reason!

I decided to do a second giveaway! The runner up is Pamela! I liked your reason #5!!! LOLOL so did DH! tee heeee hee

Thank you everyone who played!!! If you didn't win this time, don't worry, there will be plenty more chances...

Please take a peek at my current listings here! I am offering a dolly dress this time, M2M my BIG GIRL set!!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Live Feed, Wednesday ramblings and a GIVEAWAY!

Hello to all my internet friends! Drop me a post and tell me where your from, I love this new LIVE FEED, I'd love to hear from you!!!

Ramblings...ok, so I've had my eye on this really cool free standing screen room! I keep hinting around to my DH that it is a must have! Wouldn't you agree? I mean maybe if I come up with 10 reasons I need it, he'll get right to work on it!

1. I live on a bit of property and have horses, dogs, cats and chickens...they make a ton of dust, we should have nice filtered air while outside enjoying nature, right???

2. We have a ton of mosquitoes, this prevents us from enjoying nature once the sun sets.

3. When we have a cookout, we need to keep the flies off our food, don't flies poop everytime they land... OK that is just YUCKY! For this reason alone he should just DO IT!!! LOLOLOL Love you honey!!!

4. Another eating excuse... LOL we won't have the dog beg'n for a handout!

5. We can enjoy a fire pit outdoors when it is raining.

6. Because it is just so darn pretty!!!


Wednesday ramblings, don't you just love em!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We had the pleasure to work with NANABOBANA!

and let me just say, WOWZA! This dress and backpack are TDF! Check her Fairy Sweet auction out here! Remember, for every bid placed on a SWEET SUGAR3 design, you get an entry into our drawing for $40.00 in SugarBucks!

Thank you Robin for giving us the opportunity to model one of your super sweet, interactive sets!

Laurie and Miss Kylie

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A little Wednesday vent, please!

I couldn't sleep last night, I was just so aggrevated with my Ebay listing that I picked apart the top, reworked it, and rephotographed it all by the break of dawn!

Here I sit, editing my pictures and tears are just pouring down my face. You ask why, well look at this picture and I bet you can guess!!! Where in the earth did my baby go? When did she go and get all grown up looking? I typically keep Kylie's hair tied up and braided. This morning she asked to let it down, so I caved and let her. Her hair is so long, it gets so tangled and it is a nightmare to comb! LOL Wow, wow, wow!!! I just can't believe how much she has grown, it just seems like yesterday I was potty training her... ****sniff, sniff****

This all brings me to share with each of you... treasure each and every moment with your little ones, you can never bring this time back. Tell your sweets just how much you love them and hug em to pieces as much as you can!

I hope you all have a blessed day today!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Please say a Prayer for Miss Kylie......

The day after New Years, Kylie's insulin numbers went through the roof! I am talking in the 500's! We followed all the Dr's orders, gave her a shot of Humalog, but she was still high. About 30 minutes after her mega dose, she broke out in the hives. Did the normal Benedryl, Calamine and buzzed the Doctor.

Dr D says.. Laurie, I don't believe the hives are from the insulin... she might have something else going on. Long story short, we kept an eye on her and he called and checked in on her through out the day. No more hives... not sure what that was all about....

We are having high hopes that her pancreas has completely shut down. You have an eyebrow raised right now? Yes, we are hoping her pancreas shuts down. When you are diagnosed with Diabetes, your body goes through a stage they call the "HONEYMOON" stage. This is the stage where about 20% of your pancreas cells are functioning... oh, whenever and producing, whatever! It sure makes managing diabetes difficult!

We are going to take a little trip into Orlando for an appointment with the endocranologist and are praying that the pancreas has finally shut down.

This will be a huge milestone for us, and will ease a lot of stress!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

300 pictures later....

Today the family took a trip into Orlando. We went for several things... I wanted to visit a few boutique's to see if any of the owners have heard of the new CPSIA law...nada, not a one has heard of this. While shopping at some of the larger stores, I spoke with the retail managers, none of which has heard of this either! How can something so large, be so under cover??? Anywho, I'm not getting my panties in a wad just quite yet about this! I have sent my emails and signed my petitions and will wait to see what happens... what else can you do??? LOL

With the camera in tow, a willing little girl and a sweet custom boutique set... we took some fantastic pictures! I just wanted to share my two favorites...

And here are my two "Sleeping Beauties"!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Slip Sliding Away!

Oh my goodness, my sweet sister-in-law reminded me last evening that I've been neglecting my blog!

Here is a little bit of what has been happening at home....

I'll start with "Kylie happenings", LOL.

We watched the Space Shuttle go up from our front porch...

An all day field trip to FT Christmas was a blast, some of the dads came along and cooked us all a wonderful lunch....This is Kylie and 3 of her class mates striking a pose in front of a wagon wheel in one of many pictures!

Thanksgiving quickly came upon us! Most of our family was busy, so we did Thanksgiving with my oldest sister Kathy and her husband Jeff. It was really nice, we don't get to visit with them very often....sad, but true. We deep fried our turkey and made all the fixins!

Christmas and New Years came and passed as well, Christmas was quiet but still beautiful. Christmas eve we drove to my middle sisters new house and spent Christmas with my side of the family. Her husbands family was in attendance as well. We did our traditional gift trading game. The kids had a blast!

Kylie and Chelsea seemed pretty happy Christmas morning despite the small amount of presents we were able to get them this year. *sigh* Praying for the economy to quickly pick back up....

Christmas day, evening, our ever so thoughtful neighbors invited us over for a huge get together, they never seem to forget about us, they treat us like family... we love them so much! The kids had a wonderful time, even though it was after midnight, they didn't want to part!

New Years eve I went to work at the Fire Department. It was a busy night, but all in all, a safe one. Vance and the girls stayed home, they watched our next door neighbors set off fireworks in their back pasture. I was a nervous wreck leaving, these weren't no grocery store fireworks, they were proffessional pieces of pyro! I kept thinking oh man, the fallout is going to land on our roof and catch fire. I'm suppose to worry about those things, right? I mean after all, fire prevention is my career! LOL

Last but not least, I've been sewing like crazy... I have the fever and I have unleashed it! I have 3 new sets to offer the first of the year along with a few matching dolly dresses... I think you will be most pleased...I'll give you a little sneeky peek!

Please don't forget... JANUARY 13th, search SUGAR3 on Ebay to see our groups very first launch! We have a big suprise in store, you won't want to miss it... we are bringing something very new to Ebay.... I just know you will enjoy it, its going to be fresh and so much fun!

This post wouldn't be complete without telling you my New Years Resolution...
LOL, I am going to try "TRY" to be more diligent about posting on my blog!

Lots of HUGS to you all...