Tuesday, January 22, 2008


OMGoodness, Kylie wanted to go to ToysRUs to spend some of that Christmas money she recieved. Well after shopping for an hour, we had a new 16 inch bicycle, helmet, bell, painting pad and a game!
This game is so stinkin funny... I was rolling around on the floor laughing at Kylie. There is this elephant hat(?) headband that you must put on to pick up the wizzles... well it has velcro on the trunk. I really have to get a picture for you to get the effect! If you have toddlers, and you like to play games, this one is a MUST!!! Currently it is exclusive to ToysRUs! I think it was around 20 bucks, and man was it worth every penny! Seeing her giggle, running, flapping and hopping around to find the wizzles before the time ran out was just priceless!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A daughters love...

It's the little things that are just so darn precious, that make you want to melt! Miss Kylie was missing her daddy and made a picture. She was daydreaming of holding his hand and the two of them playing. Kylie explained the the two big hearts were because they loved each other so much! *sniff* I just love that sticker mustache, don't you? HERE'S TO ALL THE WONDERFUL DADDY'S OUT THERE!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Allegro Fabrics

My dear friend Linda has opened an online fabric store! Her grand opening will be January 29th!

Allegro Fabrics supplies to the children's Boutique and one of a kind clothing designers, so you will be sure to find some very sought after collections in her store!

Click here to shop, Allegro Fabrics!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ok, so it is 4am... and yes I'm lonely! I'm here surfing the web, photobucket and what have you.. on my lunch break of course! *WINK*

I found this sweet picture of Kylie and thought, "Look how FAT those cheecks are"!How I would give anything to be able to kiss those FAT cheeks of hers right now!


DollyLane Spring Launch

The sweet girls from DollyLane invited a few Ebay designers to do a guest launch with them! This launch starts January 14th! Be sure to search DOLLYLANE on Januray 14th for some awesome custom boutique designs!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Roles Reversed

I was thumbing through my pictures and thinking about how much I missed summer. I came across this cute photo of Kylie. She is taking a picture of mommy! Here lately, she has been making daddy "sit still". She tells him how to pose and when to smile! When HER photo shoot is over, she asks him what treat he would like for being such a good model! ROFLMBO Daddy is such a good sport!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yes, I do have a full time career outside my home!

Donald Duck you say? Yeah, quack... quack!!!! 2008 marks my 15th anniversary with the fire department. No, I'm not old, I just started young! TeeHee We opened a new fire station, and for the grand opening... we had the pleasure of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in attendance!

Here is a picture withe me and part of my crew!