Thursday, June 19, 2008

A disruption to my sleep-wake cycle!

The past two weeks I obviously have been ignoring my circadian clock! I can't sleep! Now one might be inclined to think that it's just me, in my own little fast paced world... I promise, it's not!

I have this little interruption in my life right now, called WORK! I am working the overnight shift and let me just say... my body is rejecting this schedule! What once worked so beautifully for me, doesn't seem to these days.

I sleep for 2-4 hours and wake up... wide awake! I get 15 minutes here and there, never a good solid 8 hours. I DO NOT like taking medications, but I am starting to feel inclined to give some a whirl. My concern is dependency and withdrawal, addiction to where I CAN'T go to sleep with out it....

Maybe something natural will help, I just can't seem to unwind during the day. (This is when I need to sleep) My DH basically has my room blacked out, so darkness isn't the issue...

I am officially sick today. My throat is sore, it is making my ears hurt! I am going to take a dose of NyQuil before I lay down, I am praying this gives me the much needed rest that my body is craving.