Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Boutique Cafe

Last night I received an ASQ through Ebay from Daria, over at Boutique Cafe. She dropped a note to say she loved our group launch and that she blogged a picture of my awesome outfit! WOW, what a surprize and honor! Stop on over and check out the blog! You can see the auction by clicking here, on Ebay!

What a nice way to end my BAD, BAD day! Thanks Daria!

Thanks for letting me share!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bad, bad day!

Well, I decided to wake up early today... I thought, well.. I'll get a little computer time in while it was quiet and then do some sewing. Much to my surprise, I wouldn't be doing any of that today! I was working on transfering some files from my documents to a windows program and all of the sudden I get a blue screen that is telling me fatal error! WTHeck??? I quickly dialed up Dell as just 3 weeks ago, yes, 3 weeks ago... my laptop crashed! Completely gone, nothing salvageable, hard drive ruined! Well, back to Dell... they helped me to run some diagnostic test and then proceed to tell me that all my software has crashed, but there was some hope.. I could possibly salvage some of the files and pictures. Ugh..*sigh*

Mr Computer is now at the hospital... hopefully by morning, the good ole doc will have fixed him right up!!! Fingers crossed, alot of pictures are on there that I just don't want to loose. If he don't give me my pictures back, I'm gonna have to toss him in the burn pile!

Lesson learned today... go invest in external drive and back up, DAILY!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

June the Ballerina

Well this is my sweeties new "faborite"! We visited DisneyWorld to see PlayHouse Live, the Little Einsteins. Wow, what a show... my sweetie had such a great time! I have this sweet tee currently up for auction in custom sizes. Check out the listing here!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wisterialane is Painting the Town Red!

I just thought this was the sweetest picture and wanted to share it with you all! My sweetie is modeling a romantic euro, 2 piece dress set from CinnamonGirl*Studio and the softest rose adorn jacket from BumbleBeeDesigns1. You will be able to see these designs starting tomorrow! Search Wisterialane to see all the fabulous PAINT THE TOWN RED items!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rock'n Bobbins

I have been admiring Ebay group Rock'n Bobbins for over a year now! I finally felt that my applique was worthy of showcasing with this amazing group of talented women, so I applied... AND I AM IN!!!

These women are so sweet and I just can't wait for my first launch with them on Tuesday October 23rd! We will be launching a storybook theme, with each designer using a differnt book!

Click HERE and visit our ME page!