Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is my Funky Monkey Sock Monkey set that is now up for auction on Ebay! These 5 little monkeys made me so crazy, I listed at 99 cents and NO RESERVE! Click here to see all my auctions! Stayed tuned, who knows what crazy thing I just may do next!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wizard of Oz

Well how sweet did this come out? I just loved working with this imported Japanese fabric! This is my newest listing on Ebay! See it here!

I made this sweet set for a very special little girl. Some of the girls in WisteriaLane collaborated on our Imagination launch, to bring you the complete set!

The sweet shoes are by SweetToesBoutique

The sweet tote is by Pixie-Dust-Studio

The sweet jewels are by Purely*Princess*Jewels

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Boyz

These are my boys. Can you guess what they are wanting? Food! My daddy calls em' hay burners. I call them my boys! The one on the left, well he is my special needs horse. I got this big guy when he was 2 years, from a gal in south Florida. Long story, but he was drugged when I went to buy him. He seemed soooo calm, it was just amazing to me that such a young horse was so well mannered! HA, the trip began when I got him home! It has been 8 years, and he is still a work in progress! I love him just the same, he is rideable, most will say he isn't... but we have a bond and I can do just about anything with him. I had an old cowboy once tell me, get rid of that darn mule, he isn't worth a dime! I stroked him a check and thanked him for his time. You see who is still in the pasture! I just love this guy.... I think in his other life, he was a dog! This ole boy will stay on your heels no matter where you go, he likes to be all up in your space!
The ole man on the right, well he is just a big ole cow horse! He is a retired ranch horse. He is strong and was used to round up the cows off the river. He's slow, but strong! There is no hurrying up this old boy, he is in retirement mode for sure! I don't thing he would spook at anything. He is for sure no scaredy cat. When the kids want a horsey ride, this old guy is here to do the job.... kids are his preference, not a lot of work. "Just walk real slow in a nice circle and when we're done, I'll get some nice fresh hay!" He's a good boy, I really like taking him out on the trail...when I need peace and quiet, this guy is the one who's back I'm on, deep in the woods!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Ole Swing!

This week, Kylie's wonderful daddy made her this swing and hung it from our old oak tree. This swing not only satisfies Kylie's love for thrill seeking, but it satisfies mommy in this Florida heat!

We love our ole swing!